Mounting Horse

THH-Kona is an all volunteer organization. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our program! There are many jobs for volunteers, including being horse leaders, sidewalkers, helping get the riders ready for their lesson (helmets and boots) helping the riders to groom their horse, performing barn chores, helping with the miniature horse visiting program, assisting with fundraising and public relations activities, grant writing, taking photographs, administrative and record keeping chores, etc.


All volunteers who work directly with the horses must attend a formal volunteer orientation and training. These are generally held twice a year. New volunteers who join between volunteer trainings will be eligible for “on the job” training with a mentor, but must attend the next scheduled formal training. Although it is helpful to have a core of “regular” volunteers who come every week, we realize that Sundays are often busy days for families and we do have need for occasional help as well if you are not able to make an every week commitment. Some volunteers come every other week or once a month or “on call”. Background checks are done on all prospective volunteers.volunteers



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